Indian is one of the fastest developing and emerging countries in the world. And we also have the most number of startups in the world and half of them are in the technology domain.

Even the Govt. is helping new startups to grow by providing them resources and also providing financial help.

And some of the startups even have a global presence like OYO, OLA, Byjus and they all are providing ease to people with the help of digital platforms.

These are one which you know about but there are thousands of other startups or businesses which need promotions and today online promotion is the best option.

As customers are moving online, companies are starting to make their online presence and attracting their customers online.

So let’s first see some reports that will help you to understand the scenario better and then we will see the different jobs available in the field of digital marketing and then what business you can start with the help of Digital Marketing even at a very low cost.

Reports on Digital Marketing to understand the scope of Digital Marketing In Digital India in 2020

Advertising Report

Digital Marketing Advertising Reports

The above image is showing how much India has spent in Digital Marketing last year and how much it will spend in upcoming years and you can clearly see the growth of the sector.

Companies are now started understanding the real potential of digital marketing and started allocating huge amounts of budgets for their online marketing.

And one thing you need to understand here is that if the spending is kept on increasing that means they are getting great benefits for their otherwise why would anyone spend that much huge amount of money.

Scope of Digital Marketing In India in 2020

Here you can see the ad industry growth, and the growth in total because of the customers moving online and spending money online.

Digital Marketing is Providing Ease to Startups

Today all the startups which are launching they all are promoting themselves with the help of digital marketing a great reason for that they do not have to deploy any physical manpower to promote themselves.

And also it makes the process quite faster so companies do not have to wait for long to make customers and start selling their products and services.

Growth of Digital Marketing

In the above graph, you can clearly see the number of internet users is increasing.

So these reports are very helpful for us to predict the market and if you predict the market right you can get great growth in your business.

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

When you compare traditional marketing and Digital Marketing there you see the real difference and why gradually digital marketing will surpass traditional marketing.

In traditional marketing companies use banners and hoardings but they can not track the conversion with these banners and hoardings.

But digital marketing gives you this option to track how your advertisement is working and how many conversions you are getting.

As in traditional marketing when you can not track so you don’t know how those banners are working so once you fix them you have to spend a particular amount of money as you bought that place for the advertisement.

But in digital marketing, it totally depends upon you how much time you want to run the ads if your ad is not converting you can simply stop the ad.

The next thing is your targeting with traditional marketing you just can not target a particular group and your money is kind of wasted when a person is seeing your ad who is not your potential customer.

But with digital marketing, you target the group to whom you want to show your ads and also increase the conversion rate of your ad.

So now you can understand why digital marketing is going to surpass traditional marketing.

And when you are able to predict the future market correctly then you rule the market in the future.

How Mobile Marketing Is Changing the Digital World

According to Google’s report mobiles, searches have surpassed desktop searches and that’s why Google even introduced mobile-first indexing.

Mobile-first Indexing means Google now uses the mobile version to index the page or site, where earlier it used the desktop version to index any website.

And today before purchasing any product a customer 90% of the time they read proper reviews and then take the decision.

So today companies manage their online reputation which can increase their conversion and ultimately grow their profit.

How video marketing is changing Digital World

How much time you visit Youtube in a day and how many videos do you see there and how many ads you see during watching the videos.

And you must have seen many different ads which suddenly attract you toward that ad.

And when you are going to buy the product and suddenly you remember that ad and you do your proper research and ultimately you buy the product.

So with video marketing, marketers play with your subconscious mind that’s why you remember that product at the time of purchasing.

Do you know before making any purchasing decision 46% of the people have seen video ads?

Evolution Of Digital Marketing

In the year 1990, the term Digital Marketing was used for the first time at the development of the web 1.0 platform.

Their people can search and read the information but they can not upload any kind of information at that time.

And marketers are not aware of this and do not think of it as a great resource of marketing as at that time the Internet did not have a huge audience.

But it took 3 years for the first clickable ad banner and HotWeird became the first company to purchase the ad banner and from their Digital Marketing era started.

Then in 1994 huge developments were seen in the Digital Marketing field as the first transaction of e-commerce was made this year on the Internet.

And then came Yahoo which was a big game changer and it received more than 1 million hits in a year.

And their companies started understanding how digital marketing can help them grow and they started optimizing their websites so that they can rank better.

And then some more search engines came into the picture and then came the golden era and in the year 1998 Google launched and MSN and yahoo web search was invented this year.

And then in 2000 most of the small search engines were out of the game and only a few big ones survived.

Then one of the most important tools WordPress invented in 2003 and then after a year another game-changer Facebook was live in 2004.

And from their gradually Digital Marketing provided great platforms to the marketers to market their products online.

And today it is kept on growing and in the next few years it will become the top option for the marketers to promote their products.

What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?

Before seeing the scope of digital marketing in India first let’s see the advantages of digital marketing.

No specific age requirement

In most of the jobs you need to be above a specific age group then only you will be eligible for the job. But in digital marketing, there is no age bar to start a job and this is actually my personal experience.

Many of my students who have just completed their high school are working for digital marketing firms. We provide an in-depth digital marketing course in Indore to make our students skilled digital marketers. All you need is the dedication to learn things and once you gain a good amount of knowledge you can start your job in the field of digital marketing. Once you understand the concepts properly there is no bar for you, your hard work and smart work will define your success in your career.

Work Flexibility

One of the best parts of digital marketing, heavy rain outside no worries you can work from home, Very cold outside no worries you can work from home, it’s very hot outside no worries you can work from home.

The thing that I want to make you understand is to grab a few clients and you can work from your home at your own comfort. Complete the work properly on time and you don’t have to move outside in this harsh weather.

The second thing that I like the most is time flexibility. I want to sleep all day and work at night. Nobody will tell you anything till the time you are giving proper results to your clients.

I personally like to work at night as there are fewer people to disturb you so you can easily focus on your work with more productivity.


A marketer must know that India is a very price-sensitive market so any which can help the customer save money and give results will surely work great.

In digital marketing, the cost of advertising is comparatively way less than traditional marketing. You also can not stop traditional advertising in the midway of the campaign but in digital marketing, you can run the ads according to the results and your choice.

And if you are saving the money of your customer at the same time giving proper results you are going to grow to the next level.

Local SEO 

Local SEO is the next big thing. If you do the research you will find that almost half of the searches on Google are local intent searches.

So if you learn properly how to rank in a local listing, then even if you just started you can grab a good amount of clients as everyone wants to come into the top and gain a good amount of business.

Generate Extra Income

If you can not leave your job but want to earn some extra income you can do that easily by investing some extra amount of time.

If you are into a job you definitely do not have a good amount of time but still, you have that much amount of time that you can handle a single client so start with a single client and then if you are seeing the growth you can go for other clients.

Now let’s see what is the scope of digital marketing in India in 2020.


Blogging is about writing in-depth content about a particular topic. When you want to purchase something, what do you do first when you read the reviews of existing users?

There you get to know whether that product is good or bad and there are many big different content marketing companies who write about many different topics.

And you must have heard about the GSM arena which is a huge content marketing company and whenever you want to buy any phone you can read the specification and review theirs before purchasing or making your decision.

And let’s see how you can monetize your blog.


Adsense is an Ad network of Google if your website fulfills their requirements they will approve your website to run ads on your website.

They will run ads on your website and they pay you for the space you provided them.

The more visitors and clicks you get on your ads the more money you will get.

Adsense is a great way to earn a good amount of money but you need to know how you can drive huge traffic to your website.

But initially blogging is just a hobby where people show their writing creativity but today it is a great way of earning.

Other Ad Networks

There are plenty of other ad networks that are great alternatives to Google Adsense and also pay good amounts of money.

1 – Media.Net

It is a highly trusted network as Media.Net is the product of Bing/Yahoo which is a huge search engine. They also use both text and display ads on your site and also provide dynamic search results which means the ads you show on a website are relatable to your search. As a perfect competitor, it also lets you design your own ads or also they can do the work for you. And the minimum threshold they pay you is $100 a bit higher than other ad networks.

2 – BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a little different from others as here they do not automatically put ads on your website rather they will help you list your website on their website and if anyone wants to rand their ad in your space they will simply pay for that.

Let’s understand this with an example: let’s say you have monthly visitors of 50,000 and you sell the sidebar of your website, so you can say like “Sidebar of my website gets monthly 50,000 impressions & I sell it for $400”. Then if any advertiser would like the place he can simply make a deal with you.

But to get accepted with BuySellAds you need to have at least 10,000,00 visitors.

3 – Taboola

Have you ever seen some clickbait kind of content in any article when you click on them they redirect you to a whole new website?

So Taboola helps you monetize your site with the types of articles that shows just after your content.

And if you are comfortable with these types of clickbait ads you can simply join them and earn a good amount of money.

But they have some requirements and that is you need to have at least 5,00,000 pageviews then only you can work with them

4 – AdRecover

There is a report published in the year 2019 that says about 26% of users of the internet use ad blockers which block the ads and hit your earning.

But recover helps you to show the ads to those users who are using adblocker by surpassing the criteria used by adblockers to block your ads.

It surpasses ad blockers by showing fast loading and user-friendly ads which ad blockers think do not harm the experience of the user.

But as everyone there has some criteria AdRecover also has some criteria where you need to have at least 10,000 adblocker page views.

There are many other alternative ad networks of AdSense but here I have mentioned some of the best alternatives.

But if you want to earn money with these ad networks you need to drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog but our next option will help you earn money little traffic also.

Affiliate Marketing

Again you have to write about a particular product service here but here you put the link given by the owner of the product or service.

Affiliate marketing means promoting someone other’s product and for every sale, you will get a commission from the owner of the product.

Like, let’s see how you can do amazon affiliate when you become amazon associate they provide you affiliate link for the products you want to promote from their website.

Now you have written an in-depth article where you write about their pros and cons, their price, their usage, and their quality.

And then optimize the article with the keyword you want to rank for and make authority backlinks.

And gradually you rank for that keyword and then whenever a user purchases anything from your link you will get the commission from amazon.

So that is how Affiliate Marketing works.

Job Scope of Digital Marketing in Digital India in 2020

Today Digital Marketing is a high paying job, but you need to have proper skills so that you can perform the task properly.

As IT companies are growing at a rapid pace, requirements of skilled Digital Marketers are also growing at a rapid pace. All the tier one cities are paying great to skilled digital marketers who can help them grow their profit.

Let’s see different jobs in the field of Digital Marketing that you can opt for.

SEO Expert

You will get the high-quality leads and traffic when organically rank for your desired keywords. But this is a hard task because of the growing competition in every other niche.

And an SEO expert knows how to make this hard task easy with some of their own strategy they formed with their own experience.

And SEO expert’s job is to do the on-page and off-page SEO, On-page SEO, means he needs to check is there any problem with the technical part of the website there are about 200 factors in on Page SEO we will discuss those factors in another article but he needs to checks all the 200 factors and rectifies them.

Then they need to build authority backlinks which give a great ranking boost and this quite a hard task today as authority backlinks are hard to get because of spammy peoples and the price people charged for the links.

SMO Expert

Social Media Expert knows how to make your brand recognizable to your customers with the help of social media. Today almost half of the population of the world is using social media and companies are taking great advantages from social media.

Social media is a great way to make your audience engaged with your brands and social media experts know exactly how to do this.

Today if you check any big company’s social media page you will see huge followers and engaging posts on a daily basis and they do this to make the positioning of your subconscious mind.

And for social media experts, you need to know how the algorithm of that particular social media works and the second most important thing is the behavior of your customers.

SO that you can make a big impact in the life of your customers through your posts.

PPC Expert

An SEO ranks a website organically in the top results of Google and this takes a long time but what if someone starts a new business he also wants some business then only he can survive in the market.

For that Google has created a platform called Google Ads, with the help of Google ads you can run the ads.

And you can put your website above the organic result and for that, you have to pay Google some amount.

PPC (Pay Per Click) means whenever a user clicks on your link Google will deduct some amount from your Google Ads account.

So even a new business can get customers with the help of Google ads and the best thing about this is you will get high-quality leads which have a very high chance of getting converted as they want the product or service all you need to do is know to convert them.

So I hope all your doubts with the scope of digital marketing in digital India in 2020 have cleared and if still, you have any you can ask in the comment section and I will try to solve your query in the simplest way.