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Let me first make you understand the basics of Local SEO, Google My Business or Google Maps is a part of Local Business.

Not only Google provides us the option of listing your business in their Google My Business (Google Maps) but many other organizations also allow us for the same.

But Google holds the more than 98% market share so we mostly focus on optimizing our Local ranking on Google My Business.

So in this article, we will also focus on how we can optimize our local businesses so that we can rank on the pack of three (top on Google My Business).

Why it is important to Rank Higher On Google My Business

Let me give you some fascinating statistics on how important Google My Business (Google Maps) is.

Google Maps

This means that almost half of the searches in Google are related locally to the customer.

Near Me searches on google

You can relate with this quite easily, think to yourself how much time you have searched Near Me related searches on Google.

Whenever we don’t have proper knowledge about particular things around us we search on Google and also trust the Google results.

If your business will rank in those top 3 Google Maps results you will most likely get the business.

Google SERP

This means almost 29% of Google searches show you the Google Maps listings. And there are millions of searches every day.

Local Intent on searches

So when you simply rank in the top 3 listings it means you will get very high-quality traffic for your business and the conversion rate will be very high.

Factors On Which Local SEO Upon

It is not very different from normal SEO, whenever a user searches for a query Google’s algorithm works upon their predefined factors and brings the best result in front of the user.

But a website is different and a Local result is different so there must be some different set of rules for local businesses.

Obviously there are some and here are all of them below that Google takes into consideration to rank Local Businesses.


The location of the person matters a lot and this is the factor that you cannot control but you can add different service areas that can help you rank in different areas.


One of the most important parts of local SEO is Citation. Citation is the process of creating your information on the world wide web.

In the process, we need to plant the information like Name, Address & Phone Number of the business that we have mentioned in our Local Business Listing.

Google My Business Listing

Google my business has more than 98% Local Listing shares and now you can assume how important it is to have a Google My Business Listing.

Keywords in your Local Listing

While creating your Local listing it is very important to mention the right keyword which helps your listing to rank for that particular keyword.

Your Reviews

Reviews are very important factors for the ranking of your listing. Positive raking can help your website to rank higher in the listing and negative can reverse the process.

No. of visits also matters

How many people have visited your profile or how many have checked in how to decide your rankings.

Profile Rating

The stars are the ratings that get for your service of the product and higher the better the performance of your profile.

Social Media Sharing

Google’s crawlers are very active and when they find people are sharing good things about your profile they give some boost to your rankings.

Above I told you that Google Maps has more than 98% of market share so if you have Local Business it will be very important for you to rank at the top.

And now let’s see how you can rank on those packs of three which gives the most convertible business.

Google My Business Creation and Optimization

Google My Business

When you click on the first you will be redirected to the page I have attached below.

Google My Business Login

Now you have to sign in and select the Mail Id which you want to make as the login id.

Name of your business

Now Write the name of your business in the given place and also try to add a keyword with your business name.

Google My Business Category

Choose the exact category for your business so that Google can help customers by showing them your listing.

You can also add the subcategory of your business and we will see that later in this article.

Add you GMB services

Now add what services you provide to your customer and try to add more services related to your category so that your profile will get more and more views and click.

Address Of GMB

Then if you have any physical location where your customer can visit then add the exact location that will help your customer locate your business in the maps.

And if you do not have any physical location you can simply hit the “No” option.

Google My Business Full Address

Then here you need to fill the exact location of your business, you can also do one thing if you are confused about the location.

You can simply search for the previous location if there was any other business before you and copy the address here.

Where do you serve your customer

And if you do not have any physical location you will be redirected to this page where you need mention on what places you serve your customer.

If you are a lawyer and serve in many different cities you can mention all of them here so that if anyone is searching in different cities can also see your listing.

Google My Business Maps

Now you have held the pin (red dot) and place it in the exact location of your business and advantage for that is whenever anyone searches for your category your profile will also be shown to them.

Other location you provide services

The next thing that you need to tell them is whether you serve outside the location or not. 

Other areas you serve

And if you do serve outside this location then mention the different areas here.

Google My Business Contact Details

Now the most important thing is your contact number through which your customer can contact you.

And put the website URL if you have a website where you want to redirect your customer to show more details.

Or if you do not have one they also provide you a free website but things were limited to use it will be better if you can make your own website by purchasing a domain and hosting.

Then you need to fill in the name and the delivery option and within 12 days you receive a mail or a text which is the verification code of your profile.

GMB verification code

Put your verification code here once you get that and then all the features will be available to you.

Now let’s see how to optimize your Google My Business to rank in the top 3 positions.

Google My Business Dashboard

Now you will get these options and now click on the info and there you will have lots of other options to fill.

And most of the options there are already filled by you previously but still, there is something that we need to fill.

We have already filled the address and have also mentioned the service area where we will provide our services.

Now the next thing we need to mention is the timing and here I will suggest you keep it open for 24 hours and that is totally based on my own experience.

Let me also give you the reason behind that, if you set a particular timing and a person searches for the keyword at different times due to some filters your listing may not be at the top and you will lose business.

GMB opening and closing timing

Now you will get the next option of special hours so if you want to add a specific day and date when you want to serve your customer you can add here.

Now you can add the appointment link in the section given for that if you have any appointment link or you can also add the contact page of your website if you do not have any appointment page.

GMB products


Now if you have any products which you want to show to your customer you can add that here.

Then you can add the services that you are going to give to your customers and we have already discussed this before.

GMB Description.

Now comes the description part here you can even set the LSI keywords for your business (Synonym of the keyword).

Here you have to mention many other different things about your business and this helps your business to rank for other targeted words also.

Now add your opening date in the next section and you’re almost done with the info part.

Google My Business Posts

The next thing that can help us to rank at the top is our posts. Post’s are different from images/photos. In the post, we can write our post and we can also write our offers to attract our customers.

So you can use the post section to mention your keyword which can help you boost your rankings and also your customers will attract toward your business when they see the offers.

Google my Business Photos

This one you have to do on a daily basis, you have to post photos on a daily basis now what is the difference between posts and photos?

I have already told you about that above but still let’s see this here in the photo section you can not write anything with the image.

But still, you have to do the image SEO which can again help you rank in your category.

Whenever you upload an image, keep that image on its real pixel and do not reduce the size of the image.

If you are uploading an image clicked by someone else then tell them to send the image through email and then upload that image.

Whatsapp and other messengers reduce the size of the image which is not good for your profile.

And you also should not put different filters on the images to keep your images real.

Google has a great team and developed great algorithms so do not try to fake Google by taking the image of the same thing again and again.

Take the images which can help your customer to get a good idea about your business by just seeing the images.

Now let’s see how you can do image SEO.

Without tools

The first thing you need to do is click the right button on the image and select the last option which is properties.

Image SEO without tools

Now in the first box, you need to write the title of your image with the keyword in it

GMB video posting

Now what you need to do is go to the details section and mention the things there.

The first thing that you need to do is again write the title of the image here with your targeted keyword.

The next thing you have to write is the subtitle in the second, then you can give your image a rating and obviously you will give it a 5 star.

Now the next thing that you have to do is add the tags which can include keywords and the synonyms of the keyword.

So after mentioning all the things you can save the image and now you can upload this image with proper image SEO.

With Tool



This tool helps you with the advanced options of image SEO like you can even set the latitude and altitude of your image.

To install this toll all you need to do is go to Google and search for GIMP and then select the first URL and then install the software.

GIMP tool

And now what you have to do is to go to the image section in the upper navigation bar and from there go to bottom section Metadata and then Edit Metadata.

GMB profile description

Then you will get this type of box and you have to fill all the sections that have been given and you may have an idea about how to fill these things.

GMB address

Then click on the IPTC and then you will drop on this box and fill all the required details here.

Fill all the details exactly how all the details you have filled in your Google My Business listing.

GMB Category

Now mention the category and subcategory of your business in the box given for the details.

Mention all the subcategories that you have mentioned in your Google My Business listings.

GMB GPS location

Mention the longitude and latitude of the location of your business. But the question is who to find the longitude and latitude of the business.

GMB latitude and altitude

Here the first no. which is 22 in the latitude and the second no? which is 75 is the longitude. To search these no. you have to go to your listing and go to the maps you will get these no. or search for your business name and click on the map section you also get those numbers.


So now we have totally optimized our on-page SEO for our Google My Business Profile now we have to plant the information on different websites which are called citations.

All you have to do is write a top citation website list 20XX and your country and you will get the result.


Then click on the first link and simply create the profile were writing your Name, Address, & Phone Number is a must and also write exactly the same as in your Google My Business profile.


Always ask your customers to give a proper review of your business as reviews can help you with the ranking boost.

If your customers are satisfied with your service they will surely give you good reviews and if not you will get bad reviews.

But do not show anger rather ask what bad experience they had and try to solve them and convert your bad reviews into good reviews.

Social Sharing

Try to get as much social sharing for your Google My Business listing which can also help your business to grow and you will get a ranking boost.

So this is all about Local SEO and Google My Business optimization and if you have any questions you can ask in the comment section.