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Before we dive into the optimization of our post to get the 0th position first let’s understand what actually featured snippets is.

As it is important to understand the things so that we can work better for that task and achieve the desired results.

So read the whole article and all your doubts regarding featured snippets will be solved in this article.

What are Featured Snippets and why Google Call it Featured Snippets?

What are featured snippets

Many times when you searched for something you must have seen these types of results in the above image.

Here you get the answer to your question without even visiting the website.

And this result is totally based on the algorithm of Google, Google’s algorithm pulls the answer from the post and shows the result before the 1st result and after the ads.

But why Google calls them featured snippets?

This is because in the regular links the URL or the links are the above and below you can the snippets (Description) but in featured snippets (Description) is above the links.

So they are actually featuring the snippets and that’s why they called it as featured snippets.

When did Featured Snippets First Introduced?

Google Featured Snippets were first introduced in the year 2014, but as every new thing created some issues so did the featured snippets.

When it was first introduced a big question raised that because of this will the publishers lose their traffic.

And the second thing was why would anyone visit the website when they get the result without visiting the website.

And after a few times of introducing this feature, it was clear that Featured Snippets actually drive a good amount of traffic and some steal the traffic of the website ranking in the first position.

Types Of Featured Snippets

Before we see the types of Featured Snippets let’s first see what people think Featured snippets are but actually they are not.

1 – Instant Answers

Types of Featured Snippets

As these types of results also come into boxes like featured snippets so that most people are also featured snippets but actually they are not.

In this type of result, you can see Google does not provide any links for any website as according to them these results are factual things and that’s why there is no need to provide any link for that.

2 – Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graph
Boxed Knowledge Graph

Again a boxed result which tricks the user to think it’s a featured snippet. You can show here that a variety of data in a single box in the above in the form of a gallery and in the second one in a beautiful box with image and map.

And this type of result is known as knowledge graphs and generally this type of result you get for Businesses and Brands.

Now let’s see what exactly the featured snippet is.

Different Featured Snippets

Lets see these featured snippets in detail and how they look like and how Google features them in the front.

Paragraph Snippets

Paragraph Snippets

You can simply see in the above image that Google has answered the question that we asked in the search box in the form of a paragraph.

The text that Google extracts from a page to answer your question is totally based on its algorithm.

 And they have made this in this way that it does not affect your click-through rate as they create this in such a way that it increases the curiosity of the searcher.

List Snippets

List Snippets

Number List Feature Snippets

Number List Feature Snippets

Here in this type of feature snippet, you will mostly get to see the steps for performing some task.

You will see the steps to perform the task here but if you want to see the description and the images you have to click on the links.

So it also does not hamper your click-through rate rather it increases the curiosity of your viewer and he ultimately clicks on the link.

Number List Snippets

Bullet List Feature Snippet

In this type of feature snippet, you will mostly see the listicles which generally list something without any rankings.

Again it increases the curiosity of the viewer as if you read the full description you have to click in the link and land on the website.

Table Features Snippet

Table Features Snippet

In this type of featured snippet, Google brings out the best result for the query of its user.

It creates its own table sometimes and some bring the same table which was there on the website.

Table list featured snippets

Table on the website.

Table List Featured Snippets 2

Table formed by Google algorithm. But in some cases, it brings the same table as on the website.

So you will get a little amount of information about your query in the top and for the rest of the query, you have to click on the link.

But why should you aim for a featured snippet? Now let’s see the importance of the featured snippet.

Advantages of Featured Snippet

Organic Traffic

Featured snippets are the position zero which is above the first result but most of the people don’t know so they think of them as the first result and click on the most of the time.

As always most of the general users think the first link as a very authority link and they land on that website.


It will help you gain high authority in the eyes of your user. This is also because of the same reason as they will see your website in a completely different way.

Click-Through Rate

Click Through Rate

Ahref has done research where they got to know that when there is no featured snippet the click-through rate of the first link is about 26%.

But when there is a featured snippet before the first link it steals a good amount of traffic from the first link.

And according to Ahref, it steals about 8% of CTR of the first link.

Let’s see a small example of how much you can steal the CTR of the first link if you feature in the featured snippet.

How to make tea featured snippet

Let’s see how many searches there are for this query.

Search queries

So there are 33,100 searches for this query and if you are stealing the 8% of the CTR you are getting 2684 visitors which is quite good.

So now you know the advantages of featured snippets and let’s move to the next topic.

When Google Failed and Faced Criticism for Featured Snippets.

They wrote on their blog that last year they had to face criticism for some featured snippets which tell the things like “Women’s are evil” and “President Barack Obama planning a coup”.

Then they wrote that they failed with these things because they did not weigh the authoritativeness of the result strongly enough for these fringe queries.

But this thing helps Google to make their algorithm better.

How can you optimize for Featured Snippets?

1 – Take the help of Google

People also ask

Think if you want to start a restaurant in your area, what would you sell there, things that you like to eat or things that your customers would like to have.

Obviously the second one so you can simply take the Goole’s help to know what your customers are searching for.

So you can simply use “people ask for” where Google himself tells you what your customers are searching and by fulfilling their need you can feature on the featured snippets.

2 – Use Answer the Public

Answer the public

As most of the Featured Snippets are the answer to a question so you should focus on more of the question type articles.

Answers the public will give you as many questions as you want to create a good article.

3 – Keep your content concise

Do you want your content to feature in your featured snippet that you must keep your content concise?

A small content is always better to feature in snippets as if your content will be a long, very little amount of information can be given to your customer.

And in a study, it gets to know that your sentence should not be less than 40 words and also must not exceed 50 words.

4 – A “How to section” will be helpful

According to studies solutions of questions are more likely to hold the position of featured snippets.

So it can be helpful if you can create an entire section based on “How To’s” that will solve the problems of your customers.


You need to understand that it is not impossible to rank in the featured snippets but its also not easy to follow all the rules properly and do little hard work and smart work and you see your website ranking for featured snippets.