When Digital Marketing first came into the picture it was not considered as a great platform for advertisement of products, services or business but in the past few years, Digital Marketing has become the top choice of every marketer.

And today time is the most important thing for everyone, even more, important than money because if you do not give proper importance to time you can not earn money.

In Digital Marketing if you do all the tasks by yourself sometimes it is almost impossible and sometimes it will take too much time to complete the task.

So gradually numbers of different Digital Marketing tools come into the picture to make the Digital Marketing task easy and faster more the Digital Marketers.

So in this article, we will see the Best Digital Marketing Tools available in the market and make it easy for you we have divided them into different categories.

Best SEO Tools

1 – SEMRush

SEMRush Review

A Boston based software as a service company SEMRush was founded in the year 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov. There you will get 20 different tools and reports which gives you different reports to optimize your website and get a better rank in the SERP. They have also won US search engine awards 2019, MENA search awards 2019 and SEMY awards 2019.

They sell subscription-based service and the monthly price is $99.95 and they also provide a free version of their tool with limited functionality and you can also opt for a free trial where you can access the full version of their software but for a limited time and after that, you have to pay for their services.

2 – Ahref

Ahref Review

Another famous Saas product with their headquarter in Singapore was founded by Dmitry in the year 2010.

Ahref is one of the best tools when we talk about analysis of backlinks and they have the huge data of backlinks and they also claim that their crawlers crawls more than 8 billion web pages everyday and provide freshest data of backlink on every 15 minutes.

You can check the backlink for free in their free version of backlink checker which shows you upto 100 domains.

And their paid services will cost you about $99 per month and their services are definitely worth the price.

3. Google Search Console

Google Search Console Review

It is a free tool offered by Google and it helps you to maintain, monitor and troubleshoot your website’s presence. There you will get a penalty of different options like you can check how your website is performing in Google and also show you if there is any problem with your website or not. And after fixing the issue, the search console allows you to request Google to check your website again and remove the penalty. It also shows you on which keyword you are ranking and with the help of that you can boost your rankings.

4. Moz

Moz Review

Moz is another Saas product in our list which is among the oldest tools available in the market-based in Seattle founded by Rand Fishkin. They provide you many different insights about the website which helps website owners to optimize their website in a much better way. Moz also provides a free extension with limited functionality but some very important features like spam score which tells about the link profile about the particular website if the spam score is very high you should not try to build a link on that website. Also some important metrics like DA, PA are invented by MOZ.

And in the above picture you can see their subscription plan and they provide you with a free trial for their service for a limited time period.

5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog Review

Screaming SEO Spider is one of the leading website crawlers for Ubuntu, macOS and windows founded in the year 2011 by Graeme, Jason and Dan in Henley-on-Thames, United Kingdom.

It gives you many different options for the SEO of your website like Broken link finder, Audit redirects, Discover duplicate content, Review robots and descriptive and many more.

They have two versions of their tool-free and paid version with the free version you will have some limited features whereas paid version will cost you about 149 Euro per year.

6. SEOptimer

SEOptimer review

SEOptimer is a famous website audit tool founded in the year 2012 by Pawet Rabinek and based in Hong Kong and in 2016 it was taken over by Adam Krzywda.

They produced millions of audits in 9 different languages and they drive more than 100k monthly visitors to their website and have more than 800 customers globally.

And they claim that they produce the audit report of a website in about 30seconds.

And they have three different plans available on their website, you can choose accordingly and also they are quite affordable.

They also have a free feature where you can do a website audit with some limited features.

7. Sitechecker.pro

Sitechecker.pro review

Sitechecker.pro was launched in 2016 and since then they are working on how to make their customer website better.

With the help of their website millions of people are analysing their websites and getting better Google rankings.

They have a big team of professional front-end and back-end developers and creative designers and people specialists in marketing.

They have three different plans on their website and you can choose the best one suited for you.

8. SEO Site Checkup

SEO site Checkup review

This is a great SEO tool which provides you with great analytics about the websites and also lets you download the repost in the pdf version.

And they are a great team of SEO with over 15 years of experience and now their knowledge is helping people to get better insights and rankings.

Their reports are very easy to understand even a beginner can easily understand the things.

They also provide a free version where you can do a limited number of things and you can also opt for their paid plan.

9. Woorank

Woorank review

A super fast and super easy SEO audit tool Woorank was founded in January 2010 has registered more than 1 million customers and more than 700 users register on their website every single day. And if we talk about their monthly visitors more than 1 million people visit their website on a monthly basis. They provide many different features like keyword research tool, sales tool, Seo monitoring, and site crawler so you can call Woorank a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing problems. 

10. SEOMator

SEOMator Review

The other SEO tool in our list is SEOMator which provides an in-depth technical SEO insight for your website.

And they have very flexible pricing for their subscription like you can even pay for a single use for $5 which you can not get in any other SEO tools.

So here we are done with the best SEO tools you can use and all of them are top tools of their category and you can use them according to your usage and get a better ranking on Google.

Best SMO Tools

11. Sharedcount

Sharedcount review

Sharedcount is a great tool that tells you about the insight about a particular URL and how much time that URL has been shared in major Social Media. They have been providing their services since 2010. The platforms which they support are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon.

Their reports can help you understand what type of content is working and what type is not and with this, you can understand where you have focused your effort for the maximum ROI.

12. HootSuite

HootSuite Review

Launched in 2008 by Ryan Holmes, Hootsuite is the global leader in Social Media Management tools. With the help of their tool, you can keep track of your different social media channels. You can even track people like who are talking about your brand and then you can talk to the person and solve their problem if they experienced anything bad and not talking good about your brand.

Means brands can build great relationships with their customers and make more profits.

13. Buffer

Buffer review

You must be so busy with your other work many times that you just forget to post content on your social media to engage your customers. There comes a buffer launched in 2010 by Buffer Inc. it allows you to schedule your post means you put your post in Buffer and set the time it will automatically post your content on your scheduled platform. You can use Hootsuite in both version desktop and mobile version and in both Android and IOS.

They allow you to post on all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin and it will then also analyze the result and make an engagement with the community.

14. KnowEM

 KnowEM review

This tool was developed in 2009 by Bary Wise, he is the person behind the development of KnowEM and he just loves coding.

The main reason behind the development of KnowEM is to help individuals and fortune 500 companies find whether your brand, name and trademarks are available or not or does anyone steal it or not.

It will also help you to contact the owner of the site to return the name to you. So you can check the name of your brand before allocating them to 500 different popular and emerging social media platforms.

15. Sprout Social

Sprout Social review

If you want to build a beloved brand then you just can’t make it with only a good product. Think of yourself as a brand selling great products but not behaving well with you. Would you buy products from them obviously not, and the second thing is today we have a lot more different options to choose from.

Similarly, if you want to build a great brand you need to make good connections with your customers and SproutSocial knows this well and helps you to connect with your customers in social media and provide you with deep analytics to help you understand the wants of your customer. You can check their plans and pricing on their websites.

16. TweetDeck

TweetDeck review

Want to manage or customize your Twitter handle in a single dashboard then use TweetDeck. Initially it was an independent app but Twitter purchased the tool and integrated it with their interface.

And with 23% marketer as of June 2010 it was the most famous Twitter application in the market.

The tool is available in many different versions like Chrome App, Web App, or macOS App.

17. Socialbakers

Socialbakers review

This one is used by some top companies and brands of the world for their social media marketing. With their actionable AI-Powered based audience insights they help their customer engage and grow with personalisation content. The company was founded in the year 2008 in Prague, Czechia by Martin Homolaka, Jan Rezab, and Lukas Maixner.

They have more than 500 employees, have monitored 8 million plus business profiles and 2000 plus customer base.

18. Tagboard

Tagboard Review

Launched in 2011 Tagboard is a subsidiary of TVinteract, L.L.C. is a great tool that helps its customers collect awesome social media content from all the social media platforms and allow them to categories them using hashtags. 

Make an impactful and comprehensive display by transforming content from various social media platforms and redisplay them on various other social media.

They have three different plans and you can easily check them on their website. You can also take a free demo so that you can make better decisions.

19. Followerwonk

Followerwonk review

How you will feel if you know the exact time your followers are most active obviously it will be great as all your posts get more engagement and shares and that will help you expand your business.

And Followerwonk helps you with this, it shows you with the help of graphical representation of the most active time of your followers.

And by segmenting Followerwonk makes it very easy to find new relevant users. Try it if you want to grow your twitter followers and engagement of your twitter posts.

20. Sendible

Sendible Review

Want to make your customers a long term loyal customer then do not interrupt what they like and start showing your interest in what they are interested in.

The tool was launched in the year 2009 by Gavin Hammar. So with 10 years of experience sendible is great social media marketing tools with a grand plan for the future.

And it gives you a dedicated dashboard for monitoring, analysis and for the engagement with the audience. Which is great for every business be it small, medium or large enterprise.

21. Brand 24


Founded by Michal Sadowski in the year 2011 is a famous social media marketing tool based in Poland with 70 + employees in their team. The best part about brand 24 is it is very user friendly and one does not need huge technical knowledge to become pro with Brand 24.

And you will have three pricing tiers on their website. Click on the link to see their pricing.

22. Quuu

Quuu Review

Quuu is a social media handling tool founded in 2015 by Daniel Kempe and Mathew Spurr located in Romford, United Kingdom.

Quuu automates your content curation and also the content will be hand-reviewed so that the quality of the content will be maintained.

They also offer a free plan with limited offers and if you want you can go for the paid plan according to your needs.

23. MeetEdgar


This awesome tool was founded by Laura Roeder in the year 2009. With Meetedgar you can do all the automation of your social media which you want to do. Means creation, scheduling, posting to different social media accounts and all of this with a very easy to use interface. And here you check their pricing if you want to avail their services.

24. MavSocial

Mavsocial review

A very simple product which gives you more than you expect from it. So MavSocial is a Social media management tool founded by Chris Hodgeman. They claim to make your online activities more successful which means more customer engagement and more profit.

25. Cool Tabs

Best Digital Marketing Tools

They give you great social content for your social media website and app. The tool launched in the year with a mission to give their customer a good looking customize fan page and gradually they grow and today they are a Consolidated and Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Platform. You can use it completely for 7 days and then if you like their services you can move with a paid plan and three different paid plans you can choose according to your requirement and budget.

26. Tweepi

Tweepi review

Tweepi is a creative social media handling tool specified for twitter and it can help you with everything you want with your twitter handle. Tweepi is funded by Amer in back 2009 so that it can help you reach the relevant and active twitter user.

And they have a portfolio of more than 1.5 million users and the tool also featured in Forbes and many other big websites. Want to grow your brand on twitter give it a try you will love it.

27. EveryPost

EveryPost Review

Everypost was founded by Fernando Cuscuela in the year 2012 in the United States. Everypost is a social media handling tool that allows you to customize, construct, schedule and post content on your social media with very ease. It also allows its users to post content in a wide range of images and videos.

Here we are done with our social media tools if you liked any of the tools to let us know in the comment section and now let’s move to our next section.

Best CMS Tools

28. WordPress

Wordpress review

WordPress is one of the most used CMS tools, and according to reports WordPress holds about 35% market share which means 35% of all the websites in the world are in WordPress. WordPress makes the tasks so easy that today even a child can build a website and can run his own blog or website. WordPress also provides great options that help users to customize their website according to their use.

But the best things that make WordPress so great are the plugins they provided, there is a huge number of different plugins for your use and almost all the tasks you can do with the help of WordPress plugins. WordPress was founded in the year 2003 and since then they are making it better and better day by day and now you can create any kind of website be it even an E-Commerce website.

29. WIX

Wix Review

Wix is another famous CMS tool that allows you to build free websites until you are using their name with your domain. If you want to remove their name then you have to pay for the domain name.

You can check the pricing which is quite affordable and also they provide you with different themes to use which are great looking. And also WIX has been there for quite a long time as it was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giora Kaplan.

30. Shopify

Shopify Review

Shopify is a Canadian based E-commerce company that lets you build your own e-commerce store and they will provide you all the insights about your store which makes it easy to build a huge brand. Shopify was founded in 2004 by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. Shopify is one of the most famous E-commerce CMS that you can use. They provide a free 14 days trial then if you like their services you can move with a paid plan.

31. Drupal

Drupal Review

Drupal is a Content Management System written in Php language launched in the year 2000. Comparatively, they have quite fewer users than other CMS, they have 1.39 million members. 

32. Joomla

Joomla Review

Launched on 22 September 2005 Joomla is an open-source content management system and it builds on a quite different model which on a model-view-controller web application framework that you can use independently of the CMS. And it also requires a basic understanding of technical skills.

33. DNN Software

DNN Software review

The full name of DNN is DotNetNuke and this software was launched in 2003 and became very popular and the reason behind this popularity is flexible and customizable. And if you build your website on DNN Software you must have basic knowledge about Html to properly run your website.

34. Magento

Magento review

An open-source E-commerce platform Magento was launched in the year 2008 by Magento Inc. It is one of the most famous E-commerce CMS with having more than 1,00,000 online stores. And according to their report, their Magento code has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times and in the year 2019 from their website more than $155 billion of goods were sold. And a few years back they had almost 30% of market share means of all the websites. 30% of the websites are built on Magento.

35. Opencart

opencart review

An online store management Opencart was launched in the year 1999 and according to their report in 2016 about 3,42,000 people are using Opencart website. 

So here we are done with the Content Management Systems that help you build great websites and work accordingly but WordPress today is on the next level and it is very tough for any other CMS to overtake WordPress and most probably your own website is also on WordPress as it makes everything very easy.

Best Landing Page Builders

36. Elementor

Elementor review

Elementor is one of the best page builder tools founded by Ariel Klikstein. It is a WordPress plugin that has more than 4 million downloads and a great rating. Elementor lets you build a great looking page by just drag and drop the things. They provide you many different options to build a great page like images, videos, forms, and many others. They also give you the option of styling your content like you can choose the fonts, colors, line height, and many other things. Then they give you the option of the advancement of your content like different motion effects, you can set the positioning of your content.

If you want to set any different background they also provide you that option and they also provide you many different templates in the pro feature. And there are also many other plugins which give you some addon to your elementor plugin and they give you some pro features for free. And if you find it a little hard to operate there are hundreds of different videos on youtube where you can learn how to operate it properly for a great looking page.

37. Unbounce

Unbounce review

Founded by Rick Perreault in the year 2009 Unbounce is Candian Software Company. And Unbounce is also the 14th fastest growing tech company in Canada. They have many different beautiful templates that you can use for creating a very attractive landing page for your customers. They also provide a free landing page analyzer where they use artificial intelligence to determine how the particular landing page will work. You can check the pricing here and take your decision after a free trial.

38. Leadpages

Leadpages Review

One of the most famous landing page builder Leadpages was founded in the year 2008 by clay collins. They claim themselves as one of the most affordable for small and medium-size businesses to connect with their audience, collect leads and also close sales.

Leadpages are also quite easy to use; you do not need any technical skills to create a great landing page with Leadpages. With Leadpages you can also filter the templates from high conversion rate to low conversion rate. And also they do not put any traffic limitation with their landing pages which is great if you drive tons of traffic to your landing page.

39. Insta Pages

Insta Page Review

Instapage is a page builder tool that allows you to build attractive pages without knowing any coding. Founded by Tyson Quick Instapage gives you about 194 which keeps on increasing great looking templates that you can convert according to your use.

It also provides you with a blank page where you can build any page by just drag and drop the designs you want. You can also integrate different email service providers. And if you do not have hosting of your own you can simply host your insta page in their hosting and you can also integrate your page with your WordPress blog. They also provide you with a demo that can help you make the decision.

40. LaunchRock

LaunchRock Review

Founded by Jameson Detweiler in the year 2011 LaunchRock is an advanced page builder for your campaigns and promotion at a cheap price. LaunchRock provides you all the advanced features like Html, Css, Java which can help you build more attractive and advanced pages if you have proper knowledge of these languages.

You can also do the SEO part of your landing pages within the dashboard of LaunchRock. They also provide you with statistics about how your web page is working like how many visitors came to your page and how many clicks you got in your CTA. These metrics can help you optimize your page for more conversions.

41. Lander


A very easy to use landing page builder allows you to build great landing pages and for that, you don’t even need any coding skills. Here you will get the option to build your own landing pages or you can transform their templates according to your use.

And they also provide you a free trial period so that you can use the tool properly and after that, you can make a much better decision. And also if you opt for an annual plan after your free trial period you will get a huge discount even the basic plan is also great if you have heavy usage.

42. Landingi

Landingi Review

With Landingi you will get more than 200 different attractive templates that you can use for creating your awesome campaign landing page or sales page and can increase the conversion rate. They also let you drag and drag options for creating a great landing page which increases your conversion rate to the next level. It also gives you many different options to help you with increased conversion rate. With landings reduce the time you take to create an attractive and good looking landing page to get more leads and sales.

43. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect review

Paul McCarthy and Shane Melaugh in the year 2013 they formed this awesome tool for building high quality and high converting landing page builders. With Thrive Architect you will get more than 100 high-quality templates than you can transform according to yourself. They also provide you with many different advanced marketing features so that you can see how your visitors are behaving with your page and you can make the desired changes.

So here we are done with the best landing page builders that can help you build great landing pages. Whenever you run a campaign you first drive your traffic to your landing page and then from there you try to convert your visitors to your customers but if your landing page is not attractive your visitor will not convert and your budget will exhaust so you must build high converting landing pages and these best landing page builders can help you with that and you can grow your business and profit.

Best Email Marketing Tools

44. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp Review

Mail Chimp is one of the top Email Marketing tools which was founded in the year 2001 which 19 years ago by Ben Chestnut, Mark Armstrong and Dan Kurzuis having their headquarter are Georgia, U.S.

They even got featured in the Forbes for cloud 100 lists; they have won many other awards but we will discuss them in another article. They help you send emails to your customers and also allows you to automate all your processes with their Email Marketing Tools.

They have their paid plan and free plan also, in their free plan you can send up to 12,000 Emails per month and build up 2,000 Email subscribers, and also you can use most of their features in their free plan but not all, but for all, you need to purchase the paid plan.

There you can track the things like who has opened your mail or who has not, who unsubscribed you and who has not and other metrics.

45. ConvertKit


Started in the year 2013 ConvertKit was launched by Nathan Barry an Email Marketing software that lets you build your business with the help of Email. And mostly they focus on professional bloggers and they also target another creator like YouTubers, Podcasters, and different course creators.

And they claim that it is so easy to use that even a beginner can access it with such ease. They have four different plans for their customers and in all their plans you will get most of the features except the migration feature which is mainly for top plans.

The only thing that will change your plan is the number of subscribers you have in your dashboard. Up to 1,000 subscribers, you only have to $29 and you have to pay $49 if you have above 1,000 subscribers but less than 3,000 subscribe so as you increase the number price will increase.

46. Active Campaign

Active Campaign Review

In the year 2003 Active Campaign was launched by Jason Vandeboom which is a software company based in Chicago providing automation to small and mid-size companies. And their automation is visualized and very easy to use. They give you simple drag and drop options which makes everything so much easier than a newbie can easily perform the task.

It is obvious that you must have some goals in your mind when you start your email marketing campaigns and you want to see whether you are achieving your goals or not and for that you need the metrics and with Active Campaign will give you many different metrics that show you the things about your goals.

47. Aweber

Aweber review

Founded by Tom Kulzer in the year 1998 Aweber is an Email Marketing tool that allows you to send Emails in Bulk to your subscribers. They have five different plans for their services like if you have subscribers in between 501 to 25000 you need to pay $ 29 and if you have 2501 to 5000 subscribers you need to pay about $49 and the same as you increase your number of subscribers you have to pay more.

And with Aweber, you will also get all the features except a few top plans features so if you have a low number of subscribers then it does not mean that you have to buy big plans for all features.

And if we talk about the features you will get many features that can help you for a great campaign like autoresponder, huge numbers of Email Templates with responsive designs and many more. So give it a try and you will thank me later.

48. Keap

Keap Review

Keep is formerly known as Infusionsoft which was founded in the year 2001 by two brothers Scott and Eric Martineau in Arizona. Keap is another email marketing software helping businesses to automate their businesses. Keap has three different affordable plans for you and also for the first they give you a totally free service which is great to make you comfortable with the tool.

49. Mail Shake

Mail Shake Review

Founded by Sujan Patel, Colin Mathews, and Robert Senoff Mailshake is an Email Marketing software that helps you send emails in bulk and also automate them to make the process much easier. Mailshake gives you a very clean and easy to use interface and also you do not need any technical knowledge to operate the software.

They provide you many features that help you track many different metrics that can help you build a great campaign. You will also get many pre-written templates for outreach that make your task very much easier. And one very important thing is support and that is great you will quickly reply to any issue with their software. You can also book a free demo within their website and if you like their product you can simply upgrade your plan to a paid one.

50. Drip

Drip Review

Created by Rob Walling Drip is a cloud-based Email Marketing tool that you do not need to download in your software you can simply need an internet connection and a computer. And they have three different plans which are basic, pro and Enterprise, if you have more than 5,000 subscribers you can opt for the Enterprise and also the amount will vary according to the numbers of subscribers you have.

It has a good looking and simple to use User Interface, it will not take much time for you to become comfortable with the tool.

51. Litmus

Litmus Review

One of the very popular effective email marketing tools, it helps different companies from small to large companies to manage their email marketing campaigns. It gives various features that help you track all the metrics. They provide many different templates that you can use for your campaign or they also provide you drag and drop editor to form your own email.

If you formed an email and if its chances are high for getting spam then it is the worst thing for your campaign as it does not reach your audience so you can test within your litmus dashboard for spamming and your campaign will work great once you find your email approved.

52. Constant Contact

Constant Contact review

Formed by Randy Parker Constant Contact is an Email Marketing tool that provides everything a small business needs to create a high conversion campaign. It allows you to send as much email you want to send and the numbers of subscribers will decide your price for their subscription.

And it has a high rate of emails landing on the Inboxes of your contacts and also their editors are very simple to use which anyone can learn with such ease. And you will also get a free month subscription that will help to learn all things about the tools and also help you to make the right decision.

So these are the best Email Marketing tools that you can use for your email marketing campaign and they provide great services and also because of their flexible plans you can choose which is best suited for you. 

Best Designing Tools

53. Canva

Canva Review

Founded in the year 2012 by three men Cliff Obrecht, Melani Perkins, and Cameron Adams in Australia, Canva is a Graphic designing tool that lets you create great graphics with such ease. Canva lets you create awesome graphics according to the particular size of that platform. There is also a free version of the tool which lets you do most of the things and if you want the full feature you can go with the Paid plan. They also provide you an image library where you can get lots of creative images for your design but most of the images are with a paid plan but free images also there if anything set in your design you can use that particular image.

54. Crello

Crello Review

One of my most favorite designing tools, Crello is a brother from another mother of canvas they almost look the same. It provides you with great graphics and visuals which help you build awesome designings. If you want to see the examples go to the service page of my website and you can see how good graphics they are providing you. They provide a free 14 days trial and if you are comfortable with the tool you can purchase the paid plan. And it is very easy to tool because of its drag and drop option and if you have ever used Canva it will be a piece of cake to use this awesome tool.

55. Venngage

Venngage Review

Founded by CMO Lucas Walker Venngage is a Designing tool that helps you build great infographics with such ease. There are many reports that say infographics are more likely to be shared by the customers as it makes them feel like they are helping someone. It provides you so many different templates to form awesome infographics according to your needs.

They have three different plans which are very affordable and they allow you a free plan where you can use limited features and make infographics.

56. Sketch


This is one of the industry’s best vector-based tools for mobile and desktop UI designs, prototypes and mockups. They have made the tool so very easy to use that anyone can use it even if they have never heard about them before. Their tool is also very affordable and also gives you a free trial so that you can make a better decision whether you need it or not.

57. Coreldraw

Coreldraw review

Coreldraw is a great easy to use graphic designing software which lets you draw Images, Videos, logos, flyers and many other things with such ease and also quite fast. Also, there are many coupon codes available on the web which can help you buy the tool for less price. They provide many awesome features like the Healing clone tool, Corel font manager, Copy curve segment with the help of these features you can draw almost everything that you want to draw.

58. Photoshop


This is a tool that everyone must have heard about and with every new update photoshop is getting better and better day by day also their creators are making it much easier to use so that even a new user can operate the tool with such ease.

They also provide you with a free trial where you can build great graphics for a limited time period and then you can shift to a paid plan and build great graphics.

So these are industry best graphic designing tools which can help you build great graphics according to your need and they also provide free demo or trial so avail their free trail and choose the best suited for you.

So these are some great tools that every digital marketer must know about and we will keep updating the list of tools in the future that will help you to solve your problem throughout your journey.