You are watching TV or passing by a road and suddenly you see an advertisement which attracts you so much that you take your phone out and start searching for that product or brand.

And when you start gaining knowledge about it through blogs or videos you liked it so much that you end up buying that product.

But do you know the whole process from seeing till purchasing the product is well planned and a strategy of the organization/Brand?

They use the AIDA model to influence you, with the AIDA model they break down your journey of purchasing and plan something different for each part.

Now let’s dive into the AIDA model and see how it works, AIDA Model Definition, Explanations, and AIDA Examples.

What is the AIDA Model?

AIDA Model

AIDA model is an actionable process or blueprint that marketers use to influence their customers to purchase their products. In AIDA Model they first aware of their customer about the product than in the next step raise the interest of the customer regarding that product, Then in the desired part, they tell them about the advantages of the product for them, And in the last part make their customer buy the product.

In this whole process at the initial phase marketers, target their potential customers which is huge.

But gradually when the customers go through the funnel very few customers actually buy the product at last.

So let’s see each and every stage in-depth so that you can understand the thing in-depth and properly.

First Step – Awareness (A)

You must have heard about a famous quote “First impression is the last impression” this quote is actually very meaningful.

Think to yourself you move to a shop you asked for a product but he ignored you, you again asked for the product then he listened and slowly moved from his place and after taking some time he returned and gave you the product and when you reached home you found the product rotten.

You move to that shop to exchange the product but he refused. Will you ever go to that shop again obviously no.

But if your experience was good in the first position you definitely visit him again.

So at the time of awareness if you create something very awesome it creates a good experience with your customer.

There are many different modes which can help you to give a good experience to your customers.

Social Media is a great platform where you can make your customer feel awesome with some creative graphics.

Many brands these days think that they don’t need branding and people automatically get aware of their products or services.

Assume whenever you see a very creative post on social media will you be attracted to that post or not.

Similarly, if you want your customers to give attention to your product or services you have to work in some innovative way.

So now you are done with your awareness, people started recognizing your brand now so the second step is how to raise their interest.

Second Step – Interest (I)

You can call it the most crucial part as in this step we have to make our customers like our product.

Because in the interesting part we have to raise the interest of our customers and if we fail in this part all your hard work finished here.

So we have to showcase our product so well in front of our customers that interest develops in them for our product.

Developing an interest doesn’t mean that your customer will buy your product, it simply means that he likes your product but he doesn’t have many reasons to buy your product.

So in the next step, we will give him some reasons to buy the product.

Third Step – Desire (D)

Do you purchase all the things that you like or have a good interest in that product, you do buy all of them on which you have a keen interest.

No, Obviously no you don’t and you buy only those things which will benefit you somehow.

So that is the thing that you have to understand if your product has that potential which can benefit the customer somehow then only he/she will buy your product.

And at this stage, your customers will start comparing your products with your competitor’s products.

So here in this place, your product needs to have something which can attract your customers when they compare your product and your competitors.

If he/she thinks that your product is giving them more value than others then you won the battle here.

Fourth Step – Action (A)

So now we have reached the last step/stage where our customer is ready to buy our product.

All we have to do is give them a proper reason to buy our product like some discounts, Some great offers like free trials, referral bonuses and one on one free.

So these offers will convert the desire of the customer into buying behavior and ultimately he will purchase the product.

Now let’s see the example of this model so that you can understand things better.


First AIDA Example – KFC

KFC is a huge brand and a great AIDA Example which everybody knows well, started in the year 1952 right now they are operating in 136 countries and they are still using the AIDA model let’s how?

Awareness stage

AIDA Example KFC

In this picture, you can see that they are making their customers aware that they are going to launch something new And also increase the curiosity of their customers at the same time.

Interest Stage

AIDA - Interest

If you are hungry right now this picture can also attract you, Even if you are not and passing by this can wake up your interest.

So by showing a great picture of their tasty meals they are waking up their interest toward their product.

Desire Stage

AIDA - Desire

Here the company is creating desire in the person by offering them a great meal box which can include all his favorite products.

Think to yourself do you buy a product when you like it and want it but it is fulfilling your ultimate goal.

So maybe a person’s ultimate goal can be relief from hunger which a single burger cannot do and he is searching for something heavy and at that part, liking is converted into desire.

Now the person is ready to buy now a single offer can convert him to buy the product.

Action Stage

Now you have a keen desire for the product as the product is fulfilling all your needs and you are only searching for a great deal.

And here you find that deal that you are getting 15% Cashback and you are done you place the order.

Hopefully, you get something valuable with this AIDA example. You can also try it for your own business and let’s see our next AIDA example.

Second AIDA Example – Netflix

Awareness Stage

AIDA Example

In the above picture, you can see that Netflix is trying to aware its customers about the services it provides.

Netflix uses different media to reach people like print media, digital media, and others.

If you use youtube you must have seen ads on Netflix and that is their way to make you aware of their services.

Interest Stage

Interest and liking

So then in the next part which is about to generate the interest, they show their customer these kinds of images or sometimes videos.

And this image is enough to generate interest in their potential customer so the customer now has some liking toward the services.

Desire Stage


For many people paying monthly fees is not the problem but watching online is the real problem as many people still do not have WIFI connections in their place.

So here they give them an option of Download and watch later which can solve the problem of many.

As there are a lot of public places where you download the videos so now they create the desired part in their customer by resolving their problem.

Action Stage


And in the last stage, all you have to do is give them a great offer better than your competitor or something that can satisfy your customer.

So here Netflix gives its customers great plans depending upon their needs and budget so that they don’t have to think much about purchasing the plan.

So you can also use these small case studies for your business and grow your business to the next level.